Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 1: Turkey and reports from other places

Hello everyone!

I am now blogging from the Met Gold Hotel, in Gaizantep, Turkey! I am here playing the World Junior Chess Championship, which will start August third.

For now I have been doing little else than sleeping, trying to shake off my jet lag. The flight from Dallas to Turkey was as follows:

Dallas - JFK (NY) 4 hours
4 hour layover

JFK - Istanbul 10 hours
4 hour layover

Istanbul - Gaziantep 2 hours

For a total of 24 hours to get here! This was quite exhausting! I will be updating this blog as soon as I go out, take some pictures and learn about the locals. The only things I know are that the city is very hot and dry (doi), people don't seem to speak english but do seem friendly.

On news from other of our players:

UTD has a contingency currently playing the Kavala Open in Greece. Wish them best of luck! The players are, from UTD:

Andrei Zaremba
Igor Schneider
Davorin Kuljasevic
Marko Zivanic
Keaton 'sexy' Kiewra
Peter Vavrak (alumni)
Drasko Boskovic
Lee Gardner

So far our players Zaremba, Kuljasevic, Zivanic and Kiewra all have 2/2 perfect score! Let's hope one of them can take home a GM/IM norm for UTD.

On the other side of the globe, our strong female players Bayaraa Zorigt, Lilia Doibani and Karina Vazirova will be playing the US Open that is being held in Dallas! It is quite ironic that our strongest players are playing in Europe this summer when the US Open returns to Dallas. However I'm sure our girls will represent us quite well, and hopefully we will be have blogging and picture reports by WFM Bayaraa!

That is all for now, I'm off to find myself a Kebab.
p.s. no videos this tournament, apparently youtube is blocked in Turkey due to the Armenian video controversy.


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omerhaybo said...

Hello Alejandro and UTD chess fans,

You may still enter youtoube via proxy servers (though some of them also banned). Youtube have been blocked for months and I personally think that not existence of such a video but such a ridiculous ban is humiliating. Btw you should contact someone who knows Antep(most probably Turkish) so that you can eat the best kebab and baklava in the world. Good luck!

Özgür Akman
Press officer of TCF

Özgür Akman