Saturday, May 24, 2008

UTD last days in China and Great Wall

Hello fellow readers!

As we say in spanish 'mil disculpas' for the lack of information! The firewall of china was greater than my abilities and resources and it was impossible to access this blog.

I am currently in Dallas, updating as fast as I can. Next tournaments include the World Open in Philadelphia, Alajuela International in Costa Rica and I'm training hard to become the next World Junior Chess Champion, the championship will be held in Gaizantep, Turkey in August. The rest of the team has already taken off to exciting places:

Marko and Kul-J have departed for their countries in former Yugoslavia (Serbia and Croatia respectively). Marko will be coming back in a few weeks to teach in the UTD SUMMER CAMPS. Davorin will be playing in tournaments throughout Europe, hopefully becoming UTD's second home grown GM (the first being Magesh Panchanathan, who got his final GM norm in the world open in philadelphia a few years ago).

Jacek Stopa defies the human limit by flying to the Chicago Open. He is currently 1/1 and we hope he wins the tournament! I will try to update the blog with anything I can find from him.

Igor is back home in NYC, and his plans include the amazingly strong Czech Open in Pardubice and Kabala Open in Greece.

For now I will leave you with some photos of one of UTD's coolest things during our trip: playing chess in the Great Wall! We were the center of attraction while we played as hundreds of tourists stopped to watch us play:

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