Saturday, April 5, 2008

Round 1!

And so the moment of truth has arrived!

The tournament started a little late after the technical team finished setting up the Monrois (electronic scoresheets) and dgt boards (electronic boards!) which we are using.

The opening ceremony was short, and it importantly introduced the brand new "real" President's Cup! I couldn't help myself but to stare at the beauty:


Most of the games lasted for more than three and a half hours, with no easy games being played. The first game of the tournament to finish was a convincing victory by UTD's Marko Zivanic against Miami's Ernesto Alvarez

Zivanic (right) posing for the camera prior to the game

all of the UTD vs Miami games finished before any of the UMBC vs NYU games finished.  These were the results:

Your trusty blogger enjoying a smile with his victim

Alejandro Ramirez [UTD] 1 - 0 Reinier Gonzalez [MIAMI]
Charles Galofre [MIAMI] 1/2 - 1/2 Davorin Kuljasevic [UTD]
Drasko Boskovic        [UTD] 1 - 0 Javie Gonzalez [MIAMI]
Ernesto Alvarez [MIAMI] 0 - 1 Marko Zivanic [UTD]

So we won the match 3.5-0.5!  However our dear Kuljasevic had a tougher time than expected against Miami's second board, and they went for a 5 hour marathon that made the game go all the way to the last few pieces!

Kuljasevic being surprized!


The UMBC squad seemed to not be convincingly better in any board against NYU (except the second board), but managed to outplay their opponents in excellent fashion, wiping out NYU by 4-0


The results:

Sergey Erenburg [UMBC] 1 - 0 Molner Mckenzie [NYU]
Evan "the revolutionizer" Rosenberg [NYU] 0 - 1 Timur Gareev [UMBC]
Pawel Blehm [UMBC] 1 - 0 Sean Finn [NYU]
Jake Vogel [NYU] 0 - 1 Katerina Rohonian [UMBC]

It seems that UMBC also brought their cheerleaders for the match!  Actually this is Sergey Erenbug's girlfriend who faithfully supported her team all throughout the match

Currently the second round is being played and I will have new photos and results as soon as possible!


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